• Mixing Sound - If you want your sound tech to make everything sound awesome, you'll want to utilize this workshop!

  • 7 Theory Training - If you'd like to get your team to be freed from staring at their chord charts and sheet music, then schedule this for sure!

  • Guitar Clinic - If your guitar player(s) may need 1-2 hours of solid, easy to implement tricks that'll help them play in the pocket and tastefully, we can help.

  • Drum Clinic - We have two drummers who are excellent at providing easy to implement advice on how best to play drums in a worship environment.

  • Sound System Set Up - We have two Sound Engineers trained and passionate about helping you get set up with a GREAT PA at an affordable cost.

Training the Hand

"I stepped out in faith, quit my job and entered into full-time ministry in January, 2016, launching United Worship. God was asking me to be a missionary to worship teams - specifically across the northeast United States. It's been so fulfilling to see worship teams come together in unity and reach their potential in their giftings. God has already resolved conflicts within teams, encouraged leaders who were discouraged and ready to quit to lift up their hand and serve God again by leading. We've had hundreds of people impacted by God's Spirit at our Immerse Nights and worship nights in various churches as well. This has been truly an adventure...an adventure I'm hoping to be on for quite some time." - Will Collens

Will Collens is also available to simply come and lead a night of worship with your team, which would involve some mentoring to a degree. He can also bring his own team and even a sound system. Will has released his first worship project, You Reign, with Innovate Records in May of 2015 and is currently working on his sophomore album which has a more live-sounding approach. He's also just released a single, Overcome

"I'm passionate about training musicians to play really well using a unique method I've developed called The 7 Theory. In it, I use the Nashville Number System to train everyone to 1) Understand that every song basically has only 7 chord options, then 2) How to HEAR what those chords are. This enables them to A) Play by ear so they're not staring at their music stands and B) To be led by the Spirit because now they can follow their leader to whatever song the Holy Spirit places on his/her heart because they can hear the numbers being played." - Jordan Biel

Will teaches worship teams and worship leaders how to develop and sustain unity in the team and most importantly how to keep their hearts burning with love for Christ. He gives practical messages, training the heart in what it really means to worship - teaching straight from the Bible about surrendering to Christ.

Training the Heart

Available Workshops:

Heart & Hand

Jordan Biel teaches The 7 Theory at the National Worship Leader Conference, Cedarville University, Taxi Road Rally (largest convention for songwriters in the US) and in churches across the nation! Click Here to learn more about it to see how it's able to strengthen your team.

If you'd like to schedule a Heart & Hand Seminar with both Will Collens and Jordan Biel, simply contact us and we'll get back to you right away.

If you'd like to schedule a Heart & Hand Seminar with both Will Collens and Jordan Biel, simply contact us and we'll get back to you right away.

"Our goal is to partner with you - to serve your church in whatever way we can to increase the worship of Jesus. We're joining our ministries together in this area for one purpose:  to raise the level of worship in our region.

If we can help you in any way, be it sound, guitar-playing tips, or simply a night to talk to your team about how God used David to establish the Levites in what we'll call "early church worship" let us know, because we'd love to come out and meet with your team!"

- Pastor Jordan Biel & Will Collens